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Janam Kundali / Horoscope Forecasting, Muhurta (Auspicious Time), Gemstone Suggestion & Remedies, Badha Nivaran, Pooja, Hawan & Anusthan Services By Pt. Brijesh Prasad Tiwari

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Janam Kundali Horoscope

Janam Kundali /

Get your "Vedic Birth Chart" (Vedic Horocope Chart) including your rashi, nakshatra lagna, navamsha and kundali details along with the preditions.

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gemstone suggestions bhopal


Based on your ascendant rashi lord we predict, which gemstone is most suitable to you and how & when it should be worn to bring prosperity in life.

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Auspicious Time

New Business, Marriage, House Warming or any new activity, get your auspicious time to start. Calculated date/time will be based on your Nakshtras.

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pooja hawan anusthan

Pooja, Hawan
& Anusthan

Perform a "Spiritual Pooja / Anusthan" for your and your family's betterment. Like Mahamritunjay, Upri Badha Nivaran, Pitridosh Nivaran Anusthan etc.

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Brijesh Prasad Tiwari Bhopal

About Pt. Brijesh Prasad Tiwari

Astrologer Brijesh Prasad Tiwari is giving astrological consultations to people for the past 30+ years. He provides answers/readings on Marriage, Relationships, Muhurtha, Child Horoscope reading, Dosha analysis and Gemstones remidies etc. He helped many clients by suggesting practical solutions and remedies in overcoming their issues. He is also contributing as "President" of Saryuparin Brahmin Samaj, Bhopal ( "विप्र त्रीवेणी" ).
Please note that he "do not" provide computer generated horoscope reports. He does all analysis manually by himself.